Our Story


We E-Silk Route Ventures, realised the potential Sri Lanka has as an Agricultural nation and initiated a Journey which would enable us to uplift the livelihood of the Small & medium scale farmers whilst providing International customers with Premium Quality produce by marrying the concept of Direct Trade with Modern technology in finding a platform in maximizing the value of the Produce of the Farmer.

In doing so, not only we get an opportunity to help uplift the standards of the local farmers but also be able to provide with a quality output to final consumers as we strongly believe in the concepts of Fair/Direct Trade and Organic produce.

By using the geographical advantage we have as a country and with the help and knowledge of smallholder farmers, we wish to specialise in reaching out to customers from all around the world by leveraging online platforms & optimizing the use of the internet as well as Offline traditional platforms. This has helped us in achieving our objective of being the platform in providing with fresh organic produce, produced by the local farmers to customers all over the world.

Our Brands

Travelling through the Strategic trade routes connecting the West & East, Silk Route Brands bring you the best products from around the world. We have a variety of brands which cater to different product segments.

Flavors by Silk

Through Flavors we bring you the most premium quality Organic Certified Spices Sourced directly from Small-Scale farmers in Sri Lanka.

Cocoes by Silk

Cocoes markets the Coconut Products offered by us. Our Coconut Products originate from different Countries (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines etc.) to cater to the needs of our Global customers.

Zest by Silk

With the objective of taking the premium quality Ceylon tea to the world, Zest was introduced. Ceylon Tea is world renowned for its premium quality in taste, aroma and color. Zest offers premium tea for the retail market across the globe.

Superfoods by Silk

Superfoods by Silk was introduced with the Sole objective of offering our Customers with a variety of premium Quality Nutrition dense Foods. Currently the main Superfoods we offer are: Young Jackfruit, Kithul Treacle and Kithul Sap.

Company Structure