Specialized Services

As a company which believes in value addition, we are committed in providing our customers with the opportunity of doing customized procuring and private labelling on behalf of them.

Private Labelling

We specialize in providing our customers with the Total Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) / Private Labelling service. We can source, process and pack as per the Size, Quantity and other Variables of the Customer*. We do private labelling in small quantities (for selected items and packages).

*Provided the relevant MOQs are met.


If you are interested in other Products which originate from Sri Lanka apart from the Products we Export/Source; we could specifically look into sourcing these products for you. We could either look into producing/processing the Product(s) you are interested via one of our Facilities; or if not, we could find, assess, purchase and export produce of another Facility which manufactures products you are interested in.